World's Meanest Thieves Strike Charity That Feeds Homeless Pets, Twice

Look what these nice people are doing in this video: They’re rescuing caged cats left outside at a foreclosed property in the desert north of Los Angeles.

Scumbag thieves in the economically ruined expanse of the Mojave Desert busted into this non-profit’s storage building twice over the weekend, stealing more than $10,000 worth of donated food and supplies intended for homeless pets and people. The criminals stole food, veterinary supplies and donated clothes, apparently loading the goods onto a backhoe tractor—but the tractor had flat tires, so much of the loot was dumped on a neighboring property.

The non-profit’s director, Annie Lancaster, was awarded a “Pay It Forward” $500 prize by a Los Angeles television station last year for her work at Mojave Desert Animal Rescue.

“How low on the food chain do you have to go to find somebody who will steal from homeless people and their animals? It makes me sick,” Lancaster said. “I had someone contact us yesterday that needed a new sleeping bag and a tent. We have nothing to give them, and it’s below freezing here at night.”