Friday, January 18th, 2013

Regarding The War In Mali: Are Mali's Dogon People Really Aliens From Sirius?

Also you must RIGHT NOW look up Dogon architecture on Google images, it is amazing."Suggestions that aliens from Sirius had imparted astronomical knowledge to the Dogon, created a modern myth and raised the tribe to cult status among UFO/ancient astronaut enthusiasts. Also, whites who rejected the African origins of mankind, could now claim their ancestors were from Sirius! As I have opined previously in this column, the whole Dogon business is hokum-perpetrated, perhaps, to help sustain the market for esoteric genre of books and film."
J.K. Obatala of Nigeria's The Guardian addresses the modern mythology of Mali's amazing Dogon people and their supposed ties to a race of fish-headed space monsters from a planetary system around Sirius B.

Photo by Martha de Jong-Lantink.

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BadUncle (#153)

One of the weirder conspiracy theories pushed by Robert Anton Wilson.

hershmire (#233,671)

Dogon it.

oillil (#232,784)

for a thoroughly bizarre account of the Dogon and their amphibious ancestry you may check out Tom Robbins' Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

RIRedinPA (#1,573)

I'm in no way a Dogon expert but I did have a chance to hike amongst them in the mid-nineties. We were visiting a good friend in the Peace Corps. Ex-soldiers and official adventurers we chose to spend two weeks hiking along the Bandiagara Faliase where the Dogon live. This was before Muslims had officially become scary and we spent our time being treated wonderfully by people who make less than $1 a day. The "so, are you descended from aliens" conversation never really surfaced, not something we deemed appropriate as we were guest but the creation myth is literally everywhere, in their carvings and art. I even purchased an intricately carved walking stick that had the two brothers and sister who originated mankind, replete with the brothers wearing the bunny rabbit space helmets. Now my guess is that the Dogon are an enterprising and savvy people, and one has to be to not have been over run by Mohammed's adherent at any time during the last thousand years (the Dogon are animist). So our guess was they knew why Western tourist visited their land and they were more than happy to amplify whatever was needed to be amplified to separate tourist dollars from tourists.

I think we were accepted slightly better as, though we had a guide (a brilliant kid named Ali who, if born in America, would have been a Donald Trump) who spoke the local language our Peace Corps friend also spoke Bamara and some Fulani. In each village the elders were just bowled away by this and the usual response was 'but you are white, how do you know our language, this is good! or something to that effect. Instant BFFs!. We slept and ate and got drunk with the residents of each village (and even tried a hand at their traditional wrestling) and watched them fleece the traveling caravans of Spainish, French and German tourist, who travelled by cart, bringing their own food, tents and didn't mingle too much with the locals.

The Dogon are a friendly people. I have been thinking of them a lot lately, wondering if the Islamist have moved into their lands, destroying their culture because it offends their religious beliefs. I had heard they were near Mopti, at the confluence of the Niger and Benin and therefore important for trade, itself a fun town where you can find ex-pats of all flavors, NGOs, African military men, shady Asian business people, very wild west feeling. It has water front restaurants, perfect for drinking a grande Castel, the local beer, and people watching.

Here's hoping the French drive the Islamist into the earth.

danjohnson (#246,647)

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