Ladies Finally Can Die Just Like Men From Cigarettes (And Fighting Wars)

Join the Mobile Infantry and save the Galaxy. Service guarantees citizenship. Would you like to know more? It seems like only yesterday that America’s women were finally allowed to be killed in front-line combat. But it was a hollow victory, as so many victories are, because after losing something like nine consecutive wars, America now fights its foreign battles using genderless drone airships that will never cry or come home unemployable.

But ladies can still die “like a man” without even being sent to Camp Victory:

U.S. women who smoke today have a much greater risk of dying from lung cancer than they did decades ago, partly because they are starting younger and smoking more—that is, they are lighting up like men, new research shows. Women also have caught up with men in their risk of dying from smoking-related illnesses.

Is there any point in quitting? Yes … but only to a point. Those who kick the habit by age 30 can get back all of their pre-smoking lung health, along with a life span similar to good people. But those who wait until 40 to quit will still die earlier, and they might even die before 40, of heart attacks or cancer.