Thursday, January 17th, 2013

The Doody Tag Was Invented For Days Like This

Believe me, I more than anyone understand the impulse to titter about this story, but you should just remind yourself that this a is legitimate medical breakthrough that will save the lives of thousands of people and that while it is only natural to face your discomfort with feces by attempting to disarm it (the feces) with humor, saying something like "The front page of today's New York Times is covered in doody," is neither mature nor appropriate, so don't do it. Anyway, you should print this out and read it later. Like, when you're on the toilet. Hahaha, get it? Gah.

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mrmcd (#9,309)

Is this the part where we all make crappy puns? Because that C. diff thing seems like a really shitty thing to catch.

Mr. B (#10,093)

And a very important tag it is, sir.

Mr. B (#10,093)

Also, at times such as this I like to remind the Times headline writers of the ever-pertinent advice of their late Nixon speechwriter.

I'll have mine with a side order of horsemeat, please.

So many questions! Do you get to choose the donor? Like, Megan Fox?

It involves diluting stool with a liquid, like salt water, and then pumping it into the intestinal tract via an enema, a colonoscope or a tube run through the nose into the stomach or small intestine.

Would like to see the % who chose "through the nose".

Their specimens were mixed with saline in a blender and strained, to produce a solution that Dr. Keller said resembled chocolate milk.


BadUncle (#153)

@Clarence Rosario Fox already has a lock on intra-earball insertion.

hockeymom (#143)

@Clarence Rosario Also this:

"Books on traditional Chinese medicine mention giving it to people by mouth to cure diarrhea in the fourth century; one book called it yellow soup."

Mr. B (#10,093)

@Clarence Rosario You read much further than I dared to, sir.

I have click through regret.

Brunhilde (#1,225)

Ooof, my cousin just got one of these shitty transplants and the doctors don't think it's working.

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