Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

CNN Executives Carefully Reviewing Reader Submission From Atheist Mom

Jesus wept.
Look at this headline, if your faith is strong enough: "Why I Raise My Children Without God." Whoa, what is going on at Did someone forget that CNN's job is to protect God from weird blog posts by random moms in Texas? What if a child finds out there's no God? Oh don't worry, we're pretty sure Newtown took care of that, for the current generation of five-year-olds. And now our children supposedly shouldn't be narcissists? Is that even American, to not think the entire world and also an All-Powerful Deity exists solely to get you certain presents and make you a rapper on reality television someday?

God Teaches Narcissism

"God has a plan for you." Telling kids there is a big guy in the sky who has a special path for them makes children narcissistic; it makes them think the world is at their disposal and that, no matter what happens, it doesn’t really matter because God is in control. That gives kids a sense of false security and creates selfishness. “No matter what I do, God loves me and forgives me. He knows my purpose. I am special." The irony is that, while we tell this story to our kids, other children are abused and murdered, starved and neglected. All part of God's plan, right?

Are you being sarcastic about God, ma'am? On a cable news website?

Perhaps you shouldn't be a mother after all. Or, you know, perhaps you're right, and even people still suffering the mentally-crippling cultural delusion of monotheism occasionally wonder if the "plan" of God is simply to ignore us forever while we rape and massacre and bomb each other as our only planet—which God apparently thought was the center of the universe—dries up and burns out and leaves nothing but a road of bones for the Terminator robot tanks to crush.

Still, the CNN web producers are so freaked out over this lady writing free blog content for that there's now a pop-up that informs you the blog post is under review. If you're brave enough, you can click the OK button and then you will be allowed to see this heresy, for now. But CNN didn't become the Number Three cable-news network in America by letting people kick around God, so we can only hope this she-witch's post is removed and replaced with something else, like Wolf Blitzer's musings on the magic of holograms.

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Den @twitter (#240,862)

CNN hasn't flagged this iReport as inappropriate, but some community members have. This is a divisive topic, however it does not violate our Community Guidelines, so we ask people to please stop flagging it. We will continue to review the story as often as possible.
- dsashin, CNN iReport producer

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

@Den @twitter Oh, it's tough when "community members" take over the asylum. Good luck to you.

Den @twitter (#240,862)

@Niko Bellic –

Lighten up Niko. All I did was cut and paste the response from the CNN iReport producer that was obviously missed by the author of this post. Geesh.

Madeline Shoes (#240,390)

Agh, I just typed out a whole thing about reading the article and now it's disappeared! Basically, I read the iReport this morning and had a sinking feeling that people were going to flag it for being inappropriate. This is so unfortunate because it was very well written and not (unlike some of the commenters) trying to push any kind of agenda on anyone. Once again, good job internet! (that was sarcasm, just in case)

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