Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

A$AP Rocky With 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar And Drake, "F***in' Problems"

I bring you this new A$AP Rocky video sadly. Not because it's not good. I really like it, actually. It's just that, well, it features guest performances from three of the hottest stars in rap music—Atlanta's 2 Chainz, L.A.'s Kendrick Lamar and Toronto's Drake—and Drake's is, okay, hands-down the best part of the song. Check out the 24-second, 95-word riff he spins off the phrase "I know you love it when this beat is on" that starts at the 1:40 mark. Written in tight iambic pentameter, it's clever and well-thought-out and infectious and just… God damn it! I hate Drake. He is about the least attractive personality to come along in rap in the past decade—so smug and simpering and Degrassi and… yuck! Even when you're nodding your head to his voice, thinking, "Wow, he is really impressive," you kind of hate yourself for doing so. You just know he'd be such arrogant schmuck, such a drag to have a cup of coffee with. (Actually, I don't know. I've never met him. Maybe he's charming and wonderful in person. I have no idea. But I'd be surprised.) But hey, you have to give it to him: he is so very talented. The song was produced by Drake's partner Noah "40" Shabib, too. So it's basically like a Drake song. What are you gonna do?

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zachdionne (#6,507)

Nailed the Drake feelings.

camelface (#4,600)

Look, I'm far from a Drake stan but saying "he is about the least attractive personality to come along in rap in the past decade" is almost comically wrong.

Dave Bry (#422)

Each of us are attracted and repelled by different types of personalities.

ImThraxx (#6,661)

@Dave Bry Mac Miller? Iggy Azalea? KREAYSHAWN? That is just from last year!

Dave Bry (#422)

Oh, I'll take Iggy and Kreayshawn over Drake any day. Those two don't bum me out like he does. Mac Miller, hmm, now there's some tough competition.

Matt (#26)

Sick flow!

Probably the 1st time Kendrick Lamar was outrapped on a song. And amazingly, it was by Drake looking like a black studies professor from 1993.

heyhaley (#238,424)

Can someone educate me about why we don't like Drake? I'm behind. All I know about him is information I gathered from a classmate who was unhealthily obsessed and wanted to have his babies.

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