68% of Republican Voters Believe In Literal Demon Possession

And Lorne was the nicest, most fair demon of them all.Here’s something for Nate Silver to work on, now that the election is over and he won the New York Times World Cup of Poker: What should we make of the fact (!) that 68% of Republicans believe that actual demons routinely “possess” humans here on Earth? How is that going to trend or lean or whatever, during the next election cycle, or after a bold demon marketing attack on America?

Public Policy Polling did a “lighthearted” Halloween survey last week (PDF), and the results should not make you too relaxed about the next four years, or the Thousand Year Reign of Satan, or anything really. When more than two-thirds of the GOP electorate admit to believing in demonic possession as a real thing, it’s probably time to either a) Use this to the nation’s advantage, or b) Just accept that Obama is going to talk about God every day, forever, to prevent 40 million people from taking up arms against the devil ghosts.

It would be so easy to take over Middle America, with a box of devil costumes ....

In other polling news, Fordham University’s Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy did a poll of the polls, and these are the most accurate pollsters for the 2012 election, in order of … most accurate. Not terribly surprising, unless you’re one of those people who spent the past week complaining about, uh, Nate Silver:

1. Daily Kos/SEIU/PPP*

3. YouGov*

4. Ipsos/Reuters*

5. Purple Strategies



6. YouGov/Economist



11. Angus-Reid*

12. ABC/WP*

13. Pew Research*

13. Hartford Courant/UConn*


15. Monmouth/SurveyUSA

15. Politico/GWU/Battleground

15. FOX News

15. Washington Times/JZ Analytics

15. Newsmax/JZ Analytics

15. American Research Group

15. Gravis Marketing

23. Democracy Corps (D)*

24. Rasmussen

24. Gallup

26. NPR

27. National Journal*

28. AP/GfK

It is kind of surprising that Rasmussen isn’t dead last, although 24 of 28 is hardly a confidence booster …. especially with NPR, National Journal and AP taking the bottom three spots. In 2016, polls will be totally illegal! Obama promised that on Election Night, during his rousing speech against the demons.