The New Satanism: Ke$ha's Amazing Occult Ritual Sex-Magick Video

This is the new mainstream occultism. Ke$ha! “TiK ToK” was catchier, sleazier, more honest and more fun than Lady Gaga, but the pop tastemakers mostly dismissed Ke$ha as basically the garbage monster behind Winkies. Now Ke$ha has another sleazy dance-pop song, memorable and forgettable and almost vulgar. The video was released last week, and has just begun to swirl around the paranoid-paranormal websites, and people are outraged by the occult sex magick dance orgy held within a Catholic Church at night. This is a Black Mass, with Ke$sha as High Priestess, and it looks much better and is so much more entertaining than the dreary old Black Mass of the Old World Occult. Satanism isn’t about a literal Satan, because who cares. It’s about living. It’s the way we live now!

The Old Satanism involved a lot of heavy black robes and biblical-sounding mumbo jumbo. The Black Mass is just a reversal of the regular Mass, and all of its emotional power comes from the illicit shock/delight in reversing Catholic/Christian symbolism. Light is dark, below is above, etc. If you lack even a lingering belief in the traditions being parodied, the only sexy thing is the brief nudity and whether anybody else seems into it—and even those parts are anticlimactic (ha ha, literally) because you’ve got to endure a lot of tedious stuff that’s just as pretentious and dull as a real church service. It’s like sitting through a terrible straight-to-Cinemax thriller for the few minutes of badly acted partial-nudity humping.

In the New Satanism, all the Bohemian Grove/Masonic buffoonery is tossed out. You start with young beautiful people, not a lot of Grand Poobahs in dusty robes and cardboard Egyptian headdresses. Then you send these people to a church at night, in the Mexican desert, and they break in with portable lights and music because it’s basically a rave in an abandoned building. Then there is the usual drink and dancing and crotch rubbing, but with a light-up pentagram (artfully turned sideways to avoid immediate complaints of Satanism) to add ambiance. Christina Aguilera and Justine Timberlake and so many other once-young pop singers “went erotic” on their initial grown-up records, but has any Top 40 singing star since Sammy Davis Jr. actually gone Satanic? The ritual orgy cutaway scenes are grainy nature film of wolves screwing and biting in the woods. It’s amazing.

In a long history of (mostly male and British) pop stars toying with the Occult, it has never seemed like a lot of fun. Led Zeppelin could put you in a real trance while they implied demonic ritual, but you need only watch a few minutes of their fantasy sequences in The Song Remains The Same to remember how stupid people usually look when they’re trying to be diabolical. Not even Jimmy Page could make Aleister Crowley interesting to more than a handful of kids, and they were the ones already playing D&D. Ke$ha looks like she’s simultaneously loving this sacrilege and not really giving a goddamn. She wrote the lyrics and co-wrote the… whatever it is, the computer sequencing or however they do it, so her investment in the material seems pretty genuine, in a “don’t actually care” way.

Hot mess for Satan.
Zimbio calls her a “sexy cult leader” and notes the “bunch of anti-Christian imagery—see the pentagram, the upside-down crucifix, Ke$ha’s gold tooth.” inventories the “mystical glyphs and pentagrams and dirty mattresses,” but you need to go to the conspiracy sites to break it down frame by frame.

David Icke, he of the Lizard People Revelation, limits his comment to a headline over the embedded clip: “Massive Use of Illuminati Occult Imagery in Ke$ha ‘Die Young’ Cult Orgy Video.” And it’s all there, including the All-Seeing Eye on her ass.

At the conspiracy clearing house, somebody has timestamped every inverted crucifix like we weren’t supposed to see all this stuff:

I wanted to see what else I could find in this video.I found a satanic upside down cross at 44 seconds into this video.Unreal! This video is loaded with massive Imagery thats for sure .Skull and bones in the beginning and evil on the back of the car.Watch at 2:09 several upside down crosses are flashed and again at 2:14 and several times after that even ,these are easy to spot.This video is pathetic.

And then there’s The Economic Voice, which we guess is a Ron Paul kind of thing:

Make of it what you will, either the symbolism is being used to gain attention from the conspiracy world and a clever marketing ploy, or it is a sign of the subtle programming and branding used by the illuminati who control the music industry; but the symbolism is blatant.

The trouble is Die Young is a highly catchy tune and a very well produced piece of dance music, which is more than can be said for most artists of Ke$ha’s artistic genre. Credit where credit is due, shame about the imagery and lyrical content.

Ha, okay! We thought all you guys liked occult stuff, but the Internet is confusing that way.

Sex With A Ghost

Did the online diabolicals miss anything? Yes! They missed the Tarot cards (used here for the ridiculous home poker-night variation called “Indian”) and the painting of the revelers’ foreheads and noses with blood from a shot-glass-sized chalice.

Also, there’s the “sex with a ghost” situation. Ke$ha and a few of the other lady dancers are seen in erotic horizontal action with something. In voodoo, this is a Loa that possesses a few blessed participants in the ritual. They then fall to the floor and writhe in abandon once mounted by the spirits of the underworld. In the Brazilian variations, this ceremony is called Candomblé or Umbanda, and it all comes from East Africa’s indigenous religions at the time of the slave trade. It is also much sexier than anything St. Paul or Luther could ever dream up.

It is also, apparently, informed by Ke$ha’s actual “sex with a ghost.” She told noted occult investigator Ryan Seacrest that she’s been repeatedly visited by an incubus, and that’s she’s “very open to that.” So this is not just your usual spectrophilia in a music video.

Inspired to seek out more supernatural experiences, Ke$ha says she traveled the world alone, on a boat (?), for her voyage of discovery:

“The theme of this record is magic. I went on a spirit journey by myself. No security guard. No managers. I just went around the world and lived on a boat,” she explained. “I was in Africa rehabilitating baby lions. I went diving with great white sharks, and just went on this crazy spirit quest. I got hypnotized, and I just really wanted this record to be really positive, really raw, really vulnerable and about the magic of life.”

This “Die Young” video is just a low-budget entertainment, but all ritual is entertainment, a diversion from the drudgery of life, and a promised portal to higher or lower consciousness. Let’s hope this video clip reverses the Occult’s long, troubled descent into cranky old age. Anton LaVey was probably the last fun Satanist, until now, and he couldn’t exactly fill a dance floor. Hail Ke$ha.