Friday, November 9th, 2012

Why Is Wussy Obama Crying All the Time?

Barack Obama smashed Mitt Romney like a plaster lawn gnome, but instead of taking a victory lap in a fighter jet, our re-elected and wildly popular president is crying all the time. Conservatives who care very much about the future of our country are asking, very seriously, "Why is Barack Obama such a wuss?"

Just look at your president, getting all teary-eyed for the second time in as many days. Maybe he will become a liberal in his second term, after all!

The Associated Press is all over this scandal:

It seems out of place: The president of the United States breaking down in tears as he thanked campaign workers for their tireless work for his re-election.

How can America tolerate this for another day? Should Obama resign now, before he shames this once-great nation again? No, it's fine, because a Republican boozebag and a Russian semi-dictator both cry on camera. It's okay to cry, after all:

The AP story spotlights other crying politicians, from Russian President Vladimir Putin — to Obama's political opposite, Republican Speaker John Boehner.

As long as total jerks are doing it, we guess it's okay for Barack Obama to get a little weepy now and then … as long as he immediately does something manly, like authorize another drone attack on poor brown kids somewhere.

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Vulpes (#946)

Just more proof that he is morally weak, Ken.

But seriously, the man probably hasn't slept for a week, just won reelection, and is standing in front of a group of dewy young people who just helped him do the latter. If he's not allowed to cry then, when is he?

kira fisher@twitter (#239,275)

Why are people watching this video and acting as if Obama was sobbing? Literally, I didn't even know he was tearing up until he finished and wiped the tears from his face.

Can't big pharma come up with something for overactive tear duct syndrome(OTDS)?

deepomega (#1,720)

Watch out! His tears can cause cancer! THE CANCER OF SOCIALISM!!

hockeymom (#143)

@deepomega You are wrong. Each time a tear lands a tiny, sparkly, unicorn gets his wings.

Claire Zulkey (#6,639)

Even worse than the crying was the way he wet his pants.

LondonLee (#922)

He's crying because he's in for another four years of no sleep, pretending he believes in God and likes dogs.

Old Bricks (#238,122)

He quoted Bobby, the original wussy bleedin heart liberal.

Hank Merman (#11,394)

Now I'm crying over USA Today's inexplicable misuse of the em-dash.

Jena Kelly@facebook (#239,359)

He is crying because he is a real man who cares about something other than his image. He has a heart, and he cares about the people who worked so hard, and gave so much for him. He is grateful to them, and proud of their efforts on his behalf. He knows that real men do cry, and need not be ashamed of it. He has no doubts about his manhood, and neither do I. God save us from the so called men who are afraid to cry. Men would be so much better off if they were not so afraid to show their real feelings. Maybe they would not be suffering, and dying by the thousands. Please Grow up!

Speaker BOehNER bawls like a schoolgirl at the drop of a hundred dollar bill – but he is a White guy so I guess that is different

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