What Will Tina Brown Do With the Last Newsweek Covers?

Guess we'll never know what Diana would look like at 60, now ....With only 10 issues remaining, the print edition of Newsweek will now serve as Tina Brown’s updated résumé. What will she do with these final covers, now that “everyone” (in New York media circles) is watching again?

You can help Tina decide how to make these last issues really shine! We’ve got the editorial calendar through the final issue, December 31, and can already see some interesting cover possibilities. “Smartest Families: How to Raise a Brilliant Child,” holds promise, maybe with Einstein’s head on a “regular baby” in a BOB double stroller in Prospect Park, with maybe Steve Jobs’ head on the other baby? And “The Hero Issue” cover could be as important a canvas for Tina Brown as the ceiling of that one church was, for Michelangelo—we’re thinking all of the Romney sons, as The Avengers.

We would like to nominate The Avengers, but with Mitt Romney's kids' heads, for 'The Hero Issue.'
Please put your suggestions in the comments, and by all means spend a few hours doing “mockups” at work, because you don’t want to look like you’re overly concerned about losing your job. Remember that your bosses can sense desperation, the way dogs can sense fear, or leftovers. (Note of Sincerity: We are very sorry for our colleagues and comrades facing layoffs, and hope they can quickly find new jobs or at least get decent severance packages.)