The Lyin' Liberal Media Tries to Trick Men Twice Today About Fashion

The lies of fashion were many and various today. And they were all aimed at the lesser, more worried sex.

1. PLEATS ARE BACK said the Murdoch St. Journal.

2. Perma-tied bow-ties are ALL THE RAGE, says the Gay Lady (that is the styles section of the New York Times).

Pleats are not back—the evidence was even sketchy in the “trend” piece, as they lumped in Prada with the four makers of pleated pants, with Prada’s unpleated but darted pants. (There is a particular Prada pant infesting the stores right now that has 100% vertical pockets and is shaped pretty much like a jodhpur. It looks GREAT on the hanger and terrible on the average man, which is the exact opposite of what Prada does.) Please do not stop wearing flat-fronted pants. WE JUST TRAINED YOU ALL about this.

And no, “pre-tied” bowties are not acceptable, even if “no less a style icon than Jay-Z” wore one once. I mean I can see why he does, I suspect he has really weak fingers.