Keith Richards Demands Guarantee From God If The Stones Are To Play This Summer's Glastonbury Festival

“On a good day if the weather’s fine, that’s an interesting proposition.”
The Rolling Stones have a new album coming out next month, have you heard? It’s called Grrr! , and its cover art is by far the best the band has released since at least 1983’s Undercover. It’s clean and arresting and kind of naughty and dangerous and inappropriate for a group of 70-year-old men—I like everything about it except for the finger-painting font they borrowed from Bruce Springsteen’s latest album cover. Unfortunately, upon the first few listens, new single “Doom and Gloom” (I know, I know: why even listen to a new Rolling Stones song in 2012? because I love them that’s why—no matter what, I love them and will always love them) has me pining for Undercover‘s titular track, “Undercover of the Night.” Which, now that I’m listening to it, seems less sad than it might have 29 years ago. Listening to it now, “Undercover of the Night” sounds pretty great!

Curl up, baby! Curl up tight! I love that video, too.

Here’s the new one for “Doom and Gloom”:

It’s sort of like the Cee-Lo video from last year, but again, finger-painted by Bruce Springsteen.