Five Good New Rap Videos To Watch This Weekend Before The Storm Destroys The Power Grid And We Can Never Watch Rap Videos Again

How do you think rapper Danny Brown is preparing for Hurricane Sandy? (He lives in Detroit, so he’s probably not doing anything this weekend except watching the Tigers. We know how much he likes Tigers.) But even if he lived on the East Coast, you kinda get the feeling that he might not be too fazed. He seems like the type of person who could ride out three days in a basement strip club without ever going to sleep or knowing whether or not it’s raining outside. For the rest of us, some very good rap videos came out the past few days. Let’s use this weekend to watch them.

Yow, did AraabMuzik make a great beat! And Styles P sounds just vicious on it. This is what 50 Cent was talking about when he said that the only other rappers who were as hard as him came from Yonkers.

I don’t like the scatology at the beginning of this Action Bronson video. But the rest of it is an enjoyable reminder of the Beastie Boys classic “Sabotage.”

The windbreaker Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire wears in this video makes feel a little better about the fact that—as I am reminded every time I go to my mom’s house and see the framed photograph on top of her TV—I wore a polo shirt of the exact same three colors for picture day my senior year of high school. But only a little bit better.

It’s testament to the enduring greatness of Chief Keef’s smash “I Don’t Like” that the biggest artists in rap are rapping over its beat seven months after it came out. Further testament, and probably even more flattering to Chief Keef, is the fact that I myself have written new lyrics to the song, and recite them passionately whenever I see a pestilent insect. Like this:

“Mosquito/That’s a bug I don’t like!
Cockroach/That’s a bug I don’t like!
Biting horsefly/That’s a bug I don’t like!”

Etc. I can’t believe I just told you that.