Monday, October 15th, 2012

Happy Third Annual Balloon Boy Day!

Let's take a moment today, on this third anniversary of the amazing "Balloon Boy" hoax, to remember that, as Twitter user pourmecoffee says, "if it's on TV, it's important!" Also on this day in history, it is the 229th anniversary of man's first ride in a balloon, which probably should have tipped us all off in the first place. [Via]

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Emmily (#241,263)

I believe that I should pay more attention to my husband at times. I read this article and it just hit me that he told me about this like a week ago. Of course at the time I did not know all the fact and I consider it to be a bad idea and dangerous. We wanted to go on a vacation and I thought that he is trying to Cut Spending Costs on a cheap balloon ride. Now I am a bit upset, as I would have loved to go and see all of that firsthand. I will never tell him this, but I am sorry I gave him such a hard time about it.

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