Skip The Check-Up

“Physical exams are one of the most common and familiar medical procedures in the world. A sweeping new study suggests they might also be the most worthless. Researchers at the Cochrane Review looked at more than 16 studies with 182,880 patients – all of whom were offered a general check up, but only some of whom who accepted. Those patients were followed between four and 22 years, depending on the study, to look at death rates for each group. The big takeaway: ‘There was no effect on the risk of death, or on the risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases or cancer.'”
—Oh, I feel so much better about not going to the doctor now. I mean, in the end we all die anyway. Why waste time sitting in your underwear under fluorescent lights waiting for someone to berate you about your drinking and smoking habits?

Photo by Paolo Calvog, via Shutterstock