What Should We Do About These Foreign Places? Liveblogging the Final Romney-Obama Debate

The Final Debate .... OF YOUR LIFE!
That chill in the air tonight is not just a real alive Halloween monster crawling up your leg. It’s actually Josh Romney, helping the Halloween monster, because there is a chance you are a liberal who “offended Dad” by thinking maybe Barack Obama sort of won the second debate? Whatever happens tonight, during this third and final human-hybrid death wrangle, consider this live blog a “safe house” that Chris Matthews can never enter, because of the voodoo amulets we’ve hung from all the windows and doors. And yet we enjoy the online video from MSNBC, because it works so well … and Brian Williams is being super quiet. Oh wait, that’s Bob Schieffer.

Once again, The Awl intends to use the Twitter-login-liveblogging platform called Branch.com, but right now it’s not working, ha ha, maybe that will be fixed before the debate starts? Choire claims there is a “great server outage” happening right now, probably because of Obama’s kowtowing to terrorists, but The Awl is magically unaffected. (Because of the aforementioned amulets.) Should new technology fail us, in our Hour of Darkness, we’ll just type the old-fashioned way and pretend everything is “great.”