What Will Kill Us If Cancer Won't? Oh, Death Blimps

“Our latest estimations show that for many cancers, adjusting for age, death rates are set to fall dramatically in the coming decades.”
University of London cancer researcher Peter Sasieni discusses cheery recent medical science data. Meanwhile, in the field of military science, Californian airship manufacturer Aeros is designing the Aeroscraft Ballast-less Variable Buoyancy Cargo Airlift Vehicle. This looks like a super-cool spaceship that could bring food to starving people in desolate, difficult-to-reach places. But judging from the video above, which is enjoyably labeled “DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE” on YouTube, it will instead be used to bring tanks to the Antarctica for when we go to WW III with China over the oil fields there. Like a giant, helium-filled Death Star you can steer with a joystick.