You Can Watch Your Drunk Video But You Can't Keep It

To Britain, where dropping by an emergency services facility is just the regular ending to a good night out: “Binge drinkers are to be given the opportunity of watching video footage of themselves stumbling into a health centre, in the hope they will reflect on their drunken behaviour.” In case you’re thinking what I’m thinking here, it turns out that the authorities are a step ahead of you:

Nobody would be forced to watch it, [Conrad Edymann, head of substance misuse strategy and development for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board] said, and all footage of a patient would be destroyed when they left the clinic. Patients would not be able to take footage away, he emphasised. Mr Eydmann said that was important because they did not want drinkers misbehaving on purpose so they could have “a trophy item to put up on social networking sites”. “That’s a risk, and that’s why we’ve taken it into account,” he said.

Sigh. It’s like you have to do everything yourself these days.