There Is No "Manslaughter" Charge in Financial Firm Incompetence

Congratulations to former Goldman Sachs sorta-honcho Jon Corzine, who’s going to skate off somewhere (somewhere pretty far away from his former clients) after he beats the rap on his latest car wreck, accidentally evaporating A BILLION-PLUS DOLLARS of his customers’ money at MF Global. Now everybody there is suing everybody there, and Corzine is thinking about starting a hedge fund, but only after he “accepts the invitation” to testify with federal prosecutors. This is the pig who came on board at MF and fired 1400 people right off the bat, replacing them with some obvious incompetents, after a long career of skating by on risky trades and cocked-up positions, capped off by going neck-deep in crazy European debt positions. Guess what? You can actually pretty much do anything now! Just say it’s an accident and you just don’t know what happened. Unless of course you’re former Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov, who has been arrested AGAIN, on state charges, after his federal conviction for “stealing code” was overturned. His crime: basically? Backing up his work.