Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

The U.S. Open Is Here! Let's Talk Tennis

We gathered some tennis experts and pals to talk tennis—please do join us. The question before us: is this going to be the greatest U.S. Open of all time? EVERYONE AGREES: YES. (Wait, even without Rafael Nadal???)

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Mr. B (#10,093)

I'm so torn! One of my favorite writers on one of my least favorite things! Sullivan got me to sit through (and actually enjoy) entire essays on Axl Rose and "The Real World," true, but tennis is asking a lot.

PropSword (#2,870)

@Mr. B What a burden.

SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

A couple of years ago, I somehow noticed that a classic Borg-Connors match was going to be on TV. (It was a Grand Slam final, but I forget which one. It was on clay, though, so back then could have been the Open. Which, bring back clay, but that's another discussion.)

So I DVRed it, set aside time to watch, and even made popcorn. But I guess videotape technology was so bad back then that it was unwatchable!

My point being? Hell if I know, but I love tennis.

Trigger Burger (#237,207)

Uh, this is too long for me to read, but who cares: Federer, Federer, Federer! (Don't care about the ladies because the grunting annoys me.)

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