Jewish Candy Company No Longer Self-Loathing

“Now the brand has retrenched, with a label that brings back ‘Goldenberg’s’ and resembles its original design, a regional rather than national growth strategy, and an advertising and marketing campaign that celebrates its heritage.”
Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews are my all-time no. 1 ranked favorite candy bar in the world. I was very disappointed in 2004, when they changed the company changed its wrapper design, and, as today’s Times puts it, “removed the historically prominent ‘Goldenberg’s,’ which was thought to sound too homespun for a national player.” More so because, Yeah right! Too “homespun.” That was the most egregious example of self-loathing assimilation we’d seen since Ralph Lipshitz changed his last name to “Lauren.” So I’m happy they’ve come to their senses.