What Kind Of Wine Do You Want?

“I want wine that excites me, that feels so good to drink that one sip urges on the next and the next after that. I want a wine that tells a story of a place and a people and a culture, that is not the predictable equivalent of a franchise restaurant but more like a little mom-and-pop’s, where you’re not always sure what you’ll find but you know it can have the capacity to inspire.”
Me, I want a wine that endrunkens me, that stifles the shakes and soothes the sour stomach. I want a wine that evens out the edges of the day and helps me to forget my fears. I want a wine that shouts down my anxieties and allows me to kid myself that everything is going to be alright, even if I know that illusion will only last until the end of the bottle. That’s what I want in a wine. But if you’re looking for some kind of classier experience or whatever, something, I dunno, transcendent, the millionaires at the Times have a list of $20 bottles that should do the trick.

Photo by Stephane Bidouze, via Shutterstock