Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Your Dad Is Right About Your Crappy Music: Science

"A group of researchers undertook a quantitative analysis of nearly half a million songs to look for widespread changes in music’s character over the years. The findings, published online July 26 in Scientific Reports, show that some trends do emerge over the decades—none of them necessarily good."


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scrooge (#2,697)

I knew it!


PS "Similarly, the pitch content of music has shriveled somewhat. The basic pitch vocabulary has remained unchanged—the same notes and chords that were popular in decades past are popular today—but the syntax has become more restricted. Musicians today seem to be less adventurous in moving from one chord or note to another, instead following the paths well-trod by their predecessors and contemporaries."

Was just remarking to your mother how many one- or two-note songs there seem to be nowadays.

Wait! I think I see some kids on the lawn…

scrooge (#2,697)

PPS Here's how you write a song now — by math from the University of Bristol:

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