Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Television Show Disliked

"Things get sillier when the network brass begins getting upset: Apparently humiliating Tea Party freaks in live debate is … horrible for ratings, for some reason? And this makes network owner Jane Fonda threaten to fire McAvoy. 'He humiliated congressional candidates on my network,' she says at Sam Waterston, as if that were a thing someone who owned a cable news network would be mad about. Oh no, people might turn off this news channel that has politicians being humiliated, routinely, by the world’s smartest asshole!"
Awl pal Alex Pareene considers Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom."

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mjfrombuffalo (#2,561)

Dang, I was hoping this would be the "How the hell did The New Girl get so many Emmy nominations when it's such crap?" discussion.

mmmcheese (#229,356)

@mjfrombuffalo Have you seen any of the later episodes? Because it's really quite good!

Vicky (#7,168)

Does Aaron Sorkin look like Val Kilmer or what.

Danzig! (#5,318)

@Vicky Don't say such mean things about Val Kilmer!

camelface (#4,600)

Considers it what?

Bryan Keller (#3,804)

Pareene's column is a hilariously bitchy must read. My favorite political commentary by far.

hockeymom (#143)

Sorkin has a strong case of the smugs.
Which crazy female is supposed to be Maureen Dowd?

City_Dater (#2,500)

I have this fantasy that mansplaining "where have all the values gone" dudes like Sorkin get their wish, and are magically blown back in time to the '50s. And when they get there, they are all women of color.

namedropper (#8,938)

Hanoi Jane plays a conservative head of a media conglomerate.

Who could have seen that coming?

Ted, probably.

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