Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Elmo Hates Jews

"After being ejected from the Zoo, and then the park altogether, anti-Semitic Elmo was taken away in an ambulance for psychiatric observation."

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deepomega (#1,720)

Arrest Me Elmo

C_Webb (#855)

@deepomega Heckle Me Elmo

Dave Bry (#422)


SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

He's clearly just a Muppet of the anti-Zionism lobby.

That's surprising: I always had Telly pegged as the anti-Semite.

C_Webb (#855)

@Clarence Rosario You should hear Gordon after a few drinks.

Leave Mel Gibson Alone!

jfruh (#713)

This is probably because of how Disney owns the muppets now.

Also, people, when you're filming a video on your iPhone, please hold it horizontally, I beg of you!

DMcK (#5,027)

@jfruh I was reading reviews of the Stop Motion Studio app and people were complaining that it wouldn't let them take movies "the right way", i.e. vertically formatted. Enraging.

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