Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Year's Best Rap Concert Poster Honors Maurice Sendak

Here is a promotional poster for the joint tour just announced by Brooklyn rapper/producer El-P and Atlanta rapper Killer Mike. El-P produced Killer Mike's highly acclaimed new album, R.A.P., which came out today and is sounding excellent on my iTunes as I type. The opening acts will be Mr. Motherfucking Exquire and Despot. So expect a rendition of last year's super-awesome "Huzzah" remix to stop every show. Who does that Wild Thing look so much like? It's like a "Crank Yankers" muppet of Vic Tayback or something.

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Matt (#26)

I prefer this fan made announcement for Lil B's recent Portugal concert.

finn (#940)

Here's a larger image of the poster.

norman watson (#281,098)

This looks like anti-socialism posters, that show a lot of definitions, it's is really exclusive for punky rappers. Anyway, the poster is like made from a traditional printing just like a prints of digiteksf.com, view this for the sample of prints.

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