Monday, May 7th, 2012

Make $2000 Working from Home, Ask Me How (Spoiler: By Finding a Cat)

There seemed to be a fresh set of signs up in Cobble Hill this weekend for BeeBop. BeeBop, if you don't know, is a cat that has been missing since last June. Back then, the reward was $325. Eleven months later, he is still missing, and the reward is $2000. (You can claim it here.)

I have been looking for this cat day and night. In my search, I noticed a good number of other missing cat posters, all of which said there was a reward to claim. I'm thinking there's a healthy, high-earning, high-gratification lifestyle in this somewhere? I would like to find you, BeeBop. Come to me.

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katherine (#10,025)

Haven't they heard that quote about bebop? Now that you've named it…

Astigmatism (#1,950)

PS to Bebop: there's a thousand bucks in it for you if you come to me instead.

Screen Name (#2,416)

This movie writes itself.

- He's not my cat.
- Ms. Sheehan –
- I don't know who he is, or why he's saying he's BeeBop, but there's clearly been some kind of mistake.
- We agreed you would give him time to adjust –
- He's four inches shorter than BeeBop. Cats his age don't shrink. If anything, he should be taller.
- Maybe your measurements are off. Look, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for –
- He's circumcised. BeeBop wasn't.
- Mrs. Sheehan…your cat was missing for 11 months. For at least part of that in the company of an as-yet unidentified drifter. Who knows what such a disturbed individual might have done? He could have had him…circumcised.
- Who circumsises a cat?
- Maybe someone who thought it…looked better…neater?

He's probably hanging out with Rock Steady.

brianvan (#149)

Look in Gowanus. It's edgier. Cats are edgy.

Matt (#26)

Cats fucking love $862 lobster rolls.


Non-Anonymous (#19,293)

Wasn't this a Veronica Mars episode?

Flashman (#418)

Something about the look of the cat told me he didn't want to be found.

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