Monday, May 7th, 2012

Dinner List Unlikely

I suppose it's possible that somebody once might have said, "Jesus Christ, George W. Bush, you're no Winston Churchill," but other than that I have a hard time ever imagining those three names in the same sentence, let alone as ideal dining companions.

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Matt (#26)

The bro doth protest too much: this is the default Red State answer to this question, as unremarkable as any 20-something with a Tumblr answering Whit Stillman, Fiona Apple, and Adam Yauch (rest in peace, brother).

Screen Name (#2,416)

George W. Bush: What do you think, Jesus?
Winston Churchill: He's a bit of a quiet one, isn't he?
George W. Bush: He hasn't said a word all night. Jesus. Jesus? Jesus.
Kirk Nieuwenhuis: Sir, I don't think you should –
George W. Bush: Jesus! JESUS! ARE… YOU… OH… KAY?
Kirk Nieuwenhuis: – bother… him.
Jesus: Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin.
George W. Bush: Say what?
Winston Churchill: Dear lord, apparently the old boy doesn't speak a word of English.
George W. Bush: I think he just wants a little vino.
Winston Churchill: I'm rather parched myself.
Kirk Nieuwenhuis: You know, maybe this was a bad idea.

Multiphasic (#411)

"Hey Jesus, pass the bread? Hey Jesus, pass the bread? Hey Jesus, pass the bread? …I never get tired of that shit."

melis (#1,854)

"Your wish is granted! Churchill is the first to arrive….what's that? You did not expect a desiccated, mouldering corpse with ghastly parted lips and stretched skin over gray-green teeth? You fool! I promised you your dinner guests; I never promised you that they would be alive! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA-"

namedropper (#8,938)

Sorry, after seeing the header, "The New York Post", I couldn't stop laughing and was unable to go on.

Ham Snadwich (#11,842)

Favorite Actress: Marion Cotillard

That's somewhat surprising.

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