Customer Reviews For The Mother Casket From, $949.00 (Plus Shipping And Handling)

• “Everyone was very impressed with the idea of a Costco casket.”

• “We decided to purchase the beautiful ‘Mother Casket’ after reading all 11 reviews with a score of 5 out of 5 stars.”

• “The mortuary was familiar with the BRING YOUR OWN CASKET (BYOC)—although they did not tell me when the casket had arrived.”

• “I think that my Mom would have been delighted with the purchase. She looked lovely with the lilac color of the casket.”


• “It was much easier than standing in a room full of caskets trying to choose one.”

• “I chose this casket for my mother based on the color and I can honestly say it was absolutely the best funeral decision I made.”

• “This is from someone who has connections within the funeral industry.”

• “I have never been disappointed with Costco’s services and products, but when it came right down to choosing a casket for my mother-in-law online, I was very hesitant.”

• “Beautiful casket at an amazing value, but the best part of the whole experience were the people I dealt with at Universal Casket and”

• “Even prettier than the picture!”

• “Con: Costco website tracking is not updated live.”

• “I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Alex Beggs and Jack DeLigter are editorial assistants at Vanity Fair magazine and can help you plan your next funeral faster than you can say “TurboTax.” They would like to remind you that The Mother Casket may cost $949.00 but shipping and handling is included!