JFK Airport a Foul Nest of Luggage Thieves, Claims Random Dude

CBS New York News—that’s the TV station that didn’t employ Sue Simmons—is going big on how JFK airport is a hotbed of thefts in checked luggage. Their claim: there are 200 thefts a day, every day, from checked bags: “Baggage handlers, jetway workers and even security people are all in on the ongoing scam to steal you blind,” is what they’re screaming. Their big money quote is from “JFK security lawyer Kenneth Mollins.” Did you know there was a kind of lawyer who was a “JFK security lawyer”? That seems unusual! Actually, Kenneth Mollins is a “personal injury attorney.” He once:

• represented a client who sued American Airlines because there were maybe peanuts on board and her son might have had an allergic reaction.

• represented a woman who was upset because a steam pipe explosion in Manhattan reminded her of 9/11. (Not joking.)

• represented two fellows who had “neck and back pain” after a Black Monday Walmart trampling episode in Long Island.

represented himself when he leased a car and couldn’t get the Bluetooth phone system to work properly.

So if you have a claim that seems outrageous and likely unwinnable, we have a lawyer for you! And also when “law enforcement sources” tell CBS New York that 200 thefts a day are occurring at JFK, you might want to consider their sourcing.