Thirty Songs Named For People Named Jane, In Order

30. “The Diary of Jane,” Breaking Benjamin
29. “Jane,” Barenaked Ladies
28. “Jane,” Ben Folds Five
27. “Jane,” Stevie Nicks
26. “Jane Doe,” Alicia Keys
25. “Oh Jane,” Anvil
24. “Hey Jane,” Motorpsycho
23. “Jane,” Elf Power

22. “Jane,” The Pagans
21. “Jane of the Waking Universe,” Guided by Voices
20. “Jane,” Mighty Sparrow
19. “Sincerely, Jane” Janelle Monae
18. “Jane,” The Loved Ones
17. “Two Janes,” Los Lobos
16. “Who Killed Jane?” EPMD

15. “Lady Jane,” The Rolling Stones
14. “Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing,” MC Shan
13. “My Blue Eyed Jane,” Jimmie Rodgers

12. “You Jane,” The Wedding Present

11. “Hey Jane,” Spiritualized (NOTE: The above video is not safe for work.)
10. “Hazy Jane I,” Nick Drake

9. “Baby Jane,” Rod Stewart
8. “Jane,” Jefferson Starship

7. “Jane B.,” Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
6. “Jane,” EPMD
5. “Hazy Jane II,” Nick Drake
4. “Queen Jane Approximately,” Bob Dylan
3. “Jane Says,” Jane’s Addiction

2. “Sweet Jane,” The Velvet Underground

1. “Lazy Line Painter Jane,” Belle and Sebastian