We Have Been Hunting Animals To Extinction For Forty Thousand Years, And We Will Keep Hunting Them To Extinction Until The Machines We Build Hunt Us To Extinction

“The findings seem to close the case against modern human hunters, although they remain to be confirmed at other sites throughout the continent. And, on every continent except Africa, human arrival and large animal extinctions seem to coincide, so the case may also extend globally. (The reason large animals did not vanish in Africa is perhaps because they co-evolved with us and learned to be wary of this stalking, hairless, upright ape.)”
There had been some question as to whether hunting or climate change killed off the megafauna that used to roam the earth before human beings showed up around 40,000 years ago. But a study of the fossilized fungus spores released from the poop of large, plant-eating animals that existed in Australia during the upper paleolithic age seems to have given us an answer. And one that should not surprise us: we did it. And judging by our impressively determined efforts toward the extermination of tigers, rhinos, elephants, etc., we are going to keep doing it. Until nuclear-armed flying robots do the same to us.