Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

The Ten Kinds Of Hot Guys You Ladies Could Meet in Airports If You Really Wanted To

• Intimidating track-suited Khazak dad; some facial scarring.

• Estonian snowboarder with extra abrasions.

• Stubbly-hot chunky commuter in a bad grey suit and a reverse ring-tan.

• "His leg hair says he's an adult, but his clothing says he's 15, probably we should look away now, oh Jesus, is that his mother, or a girlfriend, or what, why does everyone under 26 look like a fetus now?"

• Nervous Indie Chainsmoker (St. Louis-bound).

• Guy whose language you not only don't speak but can't actually figure out what it is, but I mean, who cares, it's not like anybody's at an airport looking for love, except aren't we, really?

• Sporty guy telling long and old "good news/bad news" doctor joke to his friends that's not very funny but at least isn't at all racist, it could be so much worse!

• Traveling dive team in shortie socks. Which one, which one.

• Matt Saracen.

• Weepy-hot: military home on leave.

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jolie (#16)

What were you doing in St. Louis?

Bittersweet (#765)

@jolie: And how did you manage to see any of these people whilst chain smoking in the cig ghetto?

Nadia (#201,774)


(not list item 7 though)

MaríaJosé (#4,706)

There was a very cute guy with crutches on my last flight. But he was traveling with his parents and I didn't make a move.(I like to think I'm the kind of girl who would've introduced herself, had he been alone, but I am so not.)

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

"His leg hair says he's an adult, but his clothing says he's 15"

You saw a hot man's legs at an airport? Was this in the airport's racquet club or something?

As a person of Baltic descent, I can confidently say: avoid the Estonians.

sharilyn (#4,599)

@Clarence Rosario: I may have been very very lucky, but I have only ever encountered hot Estonians.

hman (#53)

"Ladies" LOL.

hockeymom (#143)

Matt Saracen!
*call ME

Autumn (#119,462)

I want to meet Matt Saracen!!!!

iplaudius (#1,066)

If Matt Saracen knew he was going to have his photo taken, would he have worn underwear?

zidaane (#373)

No hot guys in wrinkled TSA uniforms with unshined shoes?

BadUncle (#153)

I don't see med: bored, drunk guy keeping one eye on the football over the bar while getting taco salad all over his kindle.

Cyn. Zarco@facebook (#207,206)

• Silver-haired, uber-fit but wearing a wedding ring pilot.

drufus (#24,190)

@Cyn. Zarco@facebook Leslie Neilsen?

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