Trenne Is The Jonathan Richman Of Pastas

“It’s a mirror universe where everything is pliant and groovy, and in that universe there’s someone that stands out, and it’s the boring-looking trenne with its sharp edges.”
Architect George L. Legendre, who along with his partner, Marco Guarnieri, has made an art book called Pasta by Design, which presents mathematical equations detailing the shapes of 92 different types of pasta, along with pictures and suggestions for accompanying sauces. That is a ridiculous and fun-sounding project. I wonder which pasta Legendre would say is the most pliant and groovy in the mirror noodle universe? Who is the Papa John Philips, the Jimi Hendrix of pastas? Maybe saccottini, which looks like a sort of vortex folding in upon itself, infinitely. (It’s name also harkens to the grooviest of eras—”Sock it to me!”) Man, stare at one of those saccottinis long enough, and the whole world is there for you to see.