Here's Chad Harbach Teaching You How to Make Homemade Protein Bars

In this very special final episode of what has been the Internet’s only cooking and book chat show… Chad Harbach, author of The Art of Fielding, teaches Emily Gould how to make homemade protein bars. Oh yes. Hey, Chad is appearing at Politics and Prose tonight in D.C.! Go say hi! And go say hi to our hostess Emily Gould, at her new venture, Emily Books. A round of applause!

Cooking the Books has been directed by Valerie Temple and shot and edited by Andrew Gauthier, tireless and wonderful people both. You can see all the Cooking the Books episodes here or even subscribe via iTunes. Some previous highlights: Will Leitch Makes Tofu Dogs; Julie Klausner Makes Kugel; Tao Lin Makes Raw Salad; Jennifer Egan Makes Macaroons; Sam Lipsyte and Ceridwen Morris Make Momofuku Pork Buns; and Julie Powell Makes Valentine’s Day Liver.