Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Your iPhone Will Help You Forget That You Have No One To Eat With

Sure, the popularity of digital devices has resulted in shorter attention spans and a constant need for stimulation and they are probably responsible for our growing inability to relate to each other on a personal level, but on the other hand they give you something to do when you are dining alone, which is going to be an increasingly frequent experience for you as the years go by because, let's be honest, who is really going to want to put up with you when there are clearly so many younger, more attractive options who actually make an effort at being pleasant out there? Bon appetit! [Via]

Photo by ooznu, via Flickr

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BadUncle (#153)

Oh, please. I spend every meal in lively discourse with Professor Meow Meow, my stuffed tiger.

deepomega (#1,720)

I prefer to eat alone, silent, wearing a blindfold. Is there an app to simulate this experience when I'm confronted with a lively dinner companion?

caw_caw (#5,641)

It only looks like I'm dining alone with my phone. Actually my food is keeping me company while I read Alex Balk columns.

MParcells (#375)

Thank God, I've been worried about this very problem ever since they never invented books.

sunnyciegos (#551)

Unrelated, but I found myself thinking about KarenUhOh yesterday. Is she still around?

laurel (#4,035)

@sunnyciegos: I've wondered this also.

sox (#652)


Oh sure, restaurants accommodate the elitists and their precious iphones. There's nothing but complaints when I set up my ham radio.

laurel (#4,035)

@NotAndersonCooper: They won't let my pigeons in at all. :(

carpetblogger (#306)

@laurel When did CBs become unpopular?

Eric Spiegelman (#3,968)

Siri totally puts out on the first date.

WaityKatie (#79,377)

She's a "multitasker" AND "a bit of a foodie." Heather Henderson, you may be my new least favorite person!

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