Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Tom Scharpling Makes Good Music Videos

Here is the latest video directed by WFMU radio host Tom Scharpling, who is becoming a sort of indie-rock video auteur. His work is full of people in goofy costumes in pedestrian places and marked by a dorky, let's-put-on-a-show enthusiasm—albeit one tempered by a New Jersey native's acceptance that nothing's ever going to really work out anyway. Scharpling used to be a writer for the TV show "Monk," which was funny and great just like his videos. Watch more of them.

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frank (#9,995)

Tom Scharpling is a master craftsman of funny things.

MParcells (#375)

@frank Agreed. I should really just set up a Tom Scharpling google alert and go to town on everything-related. Anyway, they're all good, but this newest video is his best.

frank (#9,995)

@MParcells He's been on fire with the Best Show lately. I think for about ten years or so now.

Cwick (#134,258)

Can we talk about this guy's commute? 23rd St. 6 to the Clinton-Washington G? It's a rare Pratt-alum party that's worth that.

hman (#53)

Haha, he tweeted this already.

DMcK (#5,027)

@hman Wait a sec, are you THE hman? If so, you GOMPed me during your very first apprentice-hosting gigs. Can we still be friends?

hman (#53)

@DMcK I wish I was that hman.

ep (#8,509)

Best farcical oldsters rockin kinda okay ever.

Abe Sauer (#148)

Re: the Stepkids: That is the SECOND time this month I've seen the Sir Digby Chicken Caesar camera trick used. (first was Tom Brady Uggs commercial).

RonMwangaguhung (#3,697)

Ton Scharpling can do no wrong in my book. And he wasn't just a writer. he was, I believe, a co-executive producer at one point. Though to this day I still don't know what that entails.

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