Thursday, September 15th, 2011

History According to the FBI (Who Are Apparently Crazy)

Just in case you didn't hear last night, the FBI is horribly stupid. And probably dangerous.

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Niko Bellic (#1,312)

What did you expect from "Free Base Institute" (crack house)?

mikemariano (#11,150)

If these trends continue…eyyyyy!

What do you expect from an agency founded by a self-hating closeted cross-dresser and infested with Opus Dei followers?

Abe Sauer (#148)

If they've known that all along why'd the do such a piss poor job of protecting us? It seems not only are they racial profilers of the worst kind, they are inept racial profilers of the worst kind, which is the worstest kind.

C_Webb (#855)

@Abe Sauer It may be because our fighter planes are shaped like crosses and crescents. Or am I reading the diagram wrong?

Abe Sauer (#148)

@C_Webb I like how the "pious and devout" line for the bible is dotted, like what you use on maps to delineate future and projected, but currently only fictional, projects.

It seems as if in 2010, Muslims have somehow turned into a scatter-plot of crescent moons.

@armagnacforbreakfast: I see sideways vagina.

The really scary part, to me, is that presentation makes it clear that the FBI is staffed with 23 year old ad agency media planning coordinators.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

Can we have a chart tracking the correlation between devoutness and lack of proper hygiene? What happened to cleanliness being next to godliness, hmmm????

Pop Socket (#187)

The only semi-valid point is that the other Abrahamic branches have a six century head start on turning true believers into secular in-name-only followers.

Moxie (#81,363)

The future is weird. Luckily we can hold on to violent Muslims as our bastion of stability. Also, I'd like some units here. Maybe heads chopped off/global population?

jfruh (#713)

I'm sure many Biblical scholars would be interested in hearing about how Jesus wrote the Bible when he was 1 year old or thereabouts. And also how the Bible and Torah are totally different books.

@jfruh "Axis does not start at zero to better show the effect"

Morbo (#1,288)

1) I would love to see the underlying data for this graph

2) Can we have an extrapolation on the long-term violence trends for Scientology?

NFK (#8,747)

I heard Quantico reanimated Samuel P. Huntington and put him in charge of the training materials.

Tristan Volpe (#5,787)

So glad the dbag who wrote the FBI 'presentation' left his name on it. Who is William Gawthrop? A massive tool. A massive ignorant tool who advises our top law enforcement and intelligent agencies. LEGIT CREDENTIALS, BRO:–gawthrop

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