Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Today Is Ray Bradbury's Birthday And He's Writing The Screenplay For A Movie Adaptation Of 'Dandelion Wine'

“Today I have been reborn. Dandelion Wine is my most deeply personal work and brings back memories of sheer joy as well as terror. This is the story of me as a young boy and the magic of an unforgettable summer which still holds a mystical power over me.”
Ray Bradbury, who turns 91 today, is very happy that Black Swan producer Mike Medavoy is making a movie out of his 1957 classic. I'm pretty happy, too. I really loved this book as a kid—it's hazy in my memory. I should read it again. But from what I recall, it seems like it could make for a creepily beautiful movie.

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keisertroll (#1,117)

Bradbury's key to longevity: Sunset Prunes

johnpseudonym (#1,452)

Read The Small Assassin and you'll never want kids. The man is one talented writer.

Kevin Knox (#4,475)

"Behind her, in the black living room, someone cleared his throat."
One of the most terrifying sentences I have ever read, still.

Mr. B (#10,093)

Further awesomeness:

Seventy-seven years ago, and I’ve remembered it perfectly. I went back and saw [Mr. Electrico] that night. He sat in the chair with his sword, they pulled the switch, and his hair stood up. He reached out with his sword and touched everyone in the front row, boys and girls, men and women, with the electricity that sizzled from the sword. When he came to me, he touched me on the brow, and on the nose, and on the chin, and he said to me, in a whisper, “Live forever.” And I decided to.

throwaway style (#8,213)

Heard him speak at a library a few months after I moved to LA. One of my favorite moments ever. Still, it bummed me out to see that there were hardly any audience members under the age of 50 to hear him. Such an amazing storyteller.

skahammer (#587)

No reflection on Mr. Bradbury: But are there any public figures within your ken whom you continually think have already gone on to their eternal reward…when in fact they haven't?

I'm not talking about jokes like Abe Vigoda. But ever since my sci-fi-reading youth, I have had the persistent sense that the author of The Martian Chronicles had already passed on. So I am repeatedly not just surprised but amazed, every few years, to come upon yet more evidence that he is in fact still with us.

Bradbury is the only person I have this weird misconception about. Maybe it's just me.

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