Indicators That the Book Party Scene on HBO's Forthcoming Lena Dunham Show "Girls" is an Unconvincing Approximation of the Real Thing, as Conveyed to Me by a Former Book Editor Working On-Set as an Extra ("Publishing Executive")

11. The pervasiveness of eye shadow.

10. A The Situation/Vanilla Ice look-alike in shiny jacket, aviator sunglasses and jauntily tilted hat.

9. General lack of pastiness.

8. None of the following were present: Colson Whitehead, Sloane Crosley, Sylvia Miles.

7. And yet: a racially proportioned crowd.

6. No Housing Works tote bags.

5. Loud colors.

4. The author’s writing professor from college was present.

3. The author’s writing professor from college was played by Michael Imperioli.

2. The fictional author’s publisher paid for the party.

1. Only six people wore glasses.

Marissa Walsh is a literary agent and author.

Photo by Bruce Ronn.