A Narrative Of Summer 2011 Told Solely Through The Last Lines Of Items On Jim Romenesko's Obscure Store

A fight started and the cop and his friend each punched a man in the face.

He did it because his friend was taking too long to return with beer.

An affidavit adds: ‘He stated that Burger King isn’t a public place and that his genitals get itchy and he sometimes has to scratch them.’

The judge said the guy ‘tried to break down the process’ by bringing in somebody else’s urine, and being sentenced to prison for three years could send a message to others.

He told police he had used meth earlier in the day and didn’t know why he was driving the ambulance.

When they refused Bausch’s request, he forced his way into the home, shoved the blind woman to the ground, took the bird and fled in his truck.

The pastor allegedly admitted to the two older girls that he hid a camera at the church and taped them disrobing and washing the honey off.

People have peed in it, too, and some who’ve cut themselves have also used the fountain to rinse off blood.

‘Fuck you,’ she repeatedly told a firefighter who told her to leave the home. ‘I’m looking for my cat.’

The manager believed the cup was thrown at her and responded by hitting the woman.

Police put the guy in a ‘rubber room’ and waited until the ring left his body.

Genital herpes followed — as did the lawsuit.

‘It was not immediately known why the man was naked,’ this story reports.

That’s when the law got involved.

Photo by Rob Byron, via Shutterstock