How to Work with Famous People's Kids

It happens all the time in New York City. You’re churning away in your new cubicle, and then, with one fervent IM from a buddy, you discover that you work with a child of the rich, famous or rich and famous. It could be almost anyone! For instance, if you toil at the AOLington HuffPost, perhaps you are sitting near some dude named Theo, who is the son of Steven Spielberg. This exchange, which did not happen, is definitely how you should handle that situation best.

SavingPrivateIMs: yo man

Theo88: Hi. Who is this?

SavingPrivateIMs: its Eddie. from the other side of the office. whats up man? how you settling in?


Theo88: Pretty well, thanks.

SavingPrivateIMs: cool

SavingPrivateIMs: that’s cool

SavingPrivateIMs: dont u think super 8 kinda sucks?

Theo88: What?

SavingPrivateIMs: lol just kiddin man

SavingPrivateIMs: seriously tho…Amistad…baller shit

SavingPrivateIMs: did you get the scripts i left at your desk

Theo88: What?

SavingPrivateIMs: i left like three scripts and one note

Theo88: “Please give for your dad”?

Theo88: I just threw that stuff out.

SavingPrivateIMs: oh

SavingPrivateIMs: did you read them tho?

Theo88: No.

SavingPrivateIMs: your pretty busy writing right

SavingPrivateIMs: i saw you got a lot of pageviews a couple months ago. your post on the White Stripes breaking up

SavingPrivateIMs: ‘The White Strips Call It Quites’

Theo88: Thank you.

SavingPrivateIMs: that was some ‘goony’ shit haha

SavingPrivateIMs: and i LOVED your articles on willow smith, max winkler and Jaden smiths

SavingPrivateIMs: ;)

Theo88: Okay.

SavingPrivateIMs: you should write something about sean lennon too haha

Theo88: I’m working, man. Did you need something?

SavingPrivateIMs: “working” or directing an oscar winning blog post?

Theo88: I am working. I’m writing.

SavingPrivateIMs: just writing? not writing/exec producing? is john williams making a
badass soundtrack to you’re next article?

SavingPrivateIMs: hahaha just kidding man!

SavingPrivateIMs: are you tight with Chet Haze?

SavingPrivateIMs: do you wanna get a beer after work?

SavingPrivateIMs: on some Indiana Jones and the Temple of Booze shit

Theo88: Is this a joke?

SavingPrivateIMs: nah man. my cell is 9172073826 if you wanna ‘phone home’

SavingPrivateIMs: wait are you tight with Ian Malcolm?

Theo88 went idle

SavingPrivateIMs: were gonna need a bigger boat, bro

SavingPrivateIMs: so

SavingPrivateIMs: best 90’s Spielberg?

SavingPrivateIMs: if you don’t answer in 5 mins your favorite is HOOK

SavingPrivateIMs: hahaha HOOK!

SavingPrivateIMs: actually your fav is WAR OF THE WORLDS HAHAHA

SavingPrivateIMs: hey man cya around no hard feelings

SavingPrivateIMs: if u see Gizmo say WHAT UP GIZMO

Zach Dionne is a former AOL entertainment editor. He blogs and tweets.

Picture of Jonathan Blankfein via Business Insider.