Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Subject Lines From Recent Barack Obama Campaign Emails Arranged In Sequence As The Tracklist Of A Country Music Concept Album

If you're on the mailing list for the Barack Obama re-election campaign—and if you ever signed up for anything with the Obama people during the last go-round, you almost certainly are—you'll notice that their increasingly more frequent missives all demonstrate an impressive sense of messaging, particularly if you compare them to the administration's actual sense of messaging, which is considerably less intriguing. Which is to say, the subject lines are a thing of beauty: brief, insouciant, and just vague enough to inspire curiosity in the recipient (or at least confuse him or her into thinking that they are part of a continuing conversation with a friend). Somehow simultaneously generic and meaningful, they are the kinds of phrase that would make excellent titles for a suite of connected country music songs, and, taking ten of the more recent ones, we have arranged them in the order they would appear if such a project actually existed. Yes, it is a slow day. Anyway, here is Barack Obama's Made In The USA.

1. Decided Something Today

2. What They Won't Say

3. Backstage

4. You'll Like This One

5. Keeping Track

6. Tonight

7. Something Happened

8. Fixing What's Broken

9. Made In The USA

10. Not The First, But The Last


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jfruh (#713)

I just got one this afternoon with the subject line "Tap", which, uh.

Alex Balk (#4)

@jfruh That's on the list I'm collecting for the hip-hop follow-up.

I got that one as well, and immediately thought "Bonus Track".

Matt (#26)

@Alex Balk When you come right down to it, the two concepts are pretty interchangeable.

#56 (#56)

@jfruh I opened the "Tap" one in record time.

Eric Spiegelman (#3,968)

My favorite is the Joe Biden R&B single, "Hello"

Mr. B (#10,093)


I'm Gef the Talking Mongoose and I approve this album.

SeanP (#4,058)

I would totally buy that album

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