17 Cold Things to Order for Dinner from SeamlessWeb

Cold cucumbers with scallion sauce from Grand Sichuan

Scottish cheddar & Branston Pickle sandwich from Tea and Sympathy

Cold cereal with milk from Carnegie Deli

Cold noodles with sesame sauce from Imperial Garden


Tuna cold salad platter from Lower East Side Coffee Shop

Cold antipasto salad from Sal’s Pizzeria (Ave. A)

Roast cold turkey leg platter from Sarge’s Delicatessen

Pappa di zucchini from Frank Restaurant

Chilled gazpacho with fresh pepper from Mangia

Strawberry Fin Special Roll from Haru

Lite pepper seared tuna salad from The Loop

Hummus and eggplant plate from Tahini

Prosciutto with mozzarella & peppers sandwich from Sunburst

“Bacon, Lettuce n’ Tomatie” sandwich from Silver Spurs

Roasted beets, goat cheese & arugula sandwich from Petite Abeille

Santorini wrap from Cozy Soup and Burger

Chocolate cupcake from Butter Lane

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