Pronoun(ced) Disaster! Justin Bond Furious Over 'NY' Mag Profile

Justin Bond promised some time ago that V would be very pissed at anyone who referred to V with a gendered pronoun, and so, understandably, V is really unhappy at today’s New York magazine profile. (Facebook samplings: “ugly, transphobic hit piece” and “Wow! I can’t even begin to find words about how offensive the Carl Swanson piece in NY Magazine turned out to be. I had him in my house—time to bring out the bleach.”) I mean, Wikipedia can deal with the pronouns; why couldn’t a gay writer at a magazine helmed by a gay? (That being said, I’m pretty sure the writer is stunned to see the reaction, and I’m totally sure he believes this is a supportive, informative, attentive magazine profile. And yet.)

More importantly: you know, can someone buy Justin some health insurance? Thanks.