Redskins Owner Says He'll Sue Some Newspapers: How and Why?

Really quite terrible Redskins sports team owner Dan Snyder claims he is preparing to sue Washington City Paper over a particularly marvelous profile. But apparently they might also sue the Washington Post, for linking to it? “Snyder’s attorneys contacted The Post last week and asked the newspaper to preserve e-mails between Post sports blogger Dan Steinberg and [Dave] McKenna,” who wrote the City Paper piece. “The attorneys said they intend to explore whether there was any agreement between McKenna and Steinberg to cross-promote McKenna’s pieces on Snyder.” Dear lawyer friends: can you make some sense of that for us? We assume that is just setting up the Post as a potential target for a suit claiming… a concerted campaign to damage Snyder’s reputation? But the profile on him is entirely composed of truthfulness—though the lawyers claim otherwise. That Snyder’s people have not ever contacted anyone at City Paper for corrections (or for anything else), and instead are using threats of litigation over unknown errors as their first remedy—doesn’t that wildly undermine their case? Also: doesn’t calling a reporter a liar, uh, damage his reputation as well?