Remember That Time Everyone Threw Up on the Internet?

Remember that time—hint: most recently, that time was last night—that seemingly everyone that partakes in the Internet watched the premiere of a TV show, and were aghast, and kept putting their aghastness on their Twitters and their Tumblrs, making the Internet nearly unusable due to constant expressions of aghastivity? Yet apparently no one ever thought to actually get up and turn off the TV! Or to at least suffer in silence? I mean, not to say that all of Twitter and Facebook and the like isn’t already actually noise, because who cares what we ate for dinner/threw up in the morning/did to our cats? But on some level it’s like the way Google is struggling with spam farms. Currently, learning anything on the Internet is next to impossible. We’re drowning in hastily-written, inexpert, uneducated directions on how to tie ties and how to trim your cat’s nails and EIGHT THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH PERSIMMONS, all of which have at least one fundamental error that will result in your poisoning or your cat’s bleeding all over the house or you looking like an idiot at a fancy function. It’s a mess out here on the Internet! In other, totally unrelated news, don’t you just want to enter into a committed love-polygon with at least three cast members of “Downton Abbey”? I can’t stand it. What’s that? You’ve been too busy being aghast at crap? Here, PBS’ cut of episode one is online! You’re welcome.