What If Tumblr Is Gone FOREVER???

Tumblr has been down a long time. Hipsters should meet at Starbucks and pass around Moleskine diaries until it’s back up.Mon Dec 06 17:35:31 via tGadget

THE GREAT TUMBLR PANIC OF LATE 2010 IS STILL ONGOING. Tumblr DOWN For 13 Hours And Counting! Victim Of Its Own Success: Tumblr Redefines The Concept Of “Back Shortly”! The frightened headlines even finally crept onto CNN: “It bills itself as ‘the easiest way to blog.’ But the hip website Tumblr crashed on Sunday night and hasn’t been online since.” The people with Tumblrs are so angry. “We’re almost through,” Tweeted the techs of Tumblr three hours ago. That is THREE HOURS without pictures of volcanos and cats and Bea Aurthur and people beefing without any context whatsoever about that dude they totally almost had sex with this weekend and who is the most ableist! But hold tight. It’ll be back? Maybe? The official line is that they’re all dumping a whole lot of Tumblr back in from some backup servery thingie because their big servery thingie had some sort of emo weepy existential breakdown? But what if the server is too sad to ever, like, share its feelings with the other server that wants to help it? Who will reblog its cry for help then? :(