Monday, December 20th, 2010

People Who Danced Onstage at Madison Square Garden on Saturday While Prince and Sheila E Played 'A Love Bizarre'

● ?uestlove
● Dr. Cornel West
● Naomi Campbell
● Tavis Smiley
● Jamie Foxx
● Whoopi Goldberg
● Spike Lee
● Sherri Shepherd
● Alicia Keys
● John Leguizamo
● Guy in Steelers jersey who was quite possibly a Steeler

People who danced in section 302: Maura Johnston, Seth Colter Walls.

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Ian Adelman (#9,001)

Sheila E. roolz. JUST FYI.

NinetyNine (#98)

Are you sure that it wasn't Redd Foxx?

Matt (#26)

Did Jamie Foxx do the Ray Charles voice again because Christ, dud, we get it already.

MParcells (#375)

He's allowed to continue until Robin Williams quits it with his Mork voice.

Don't sleep on Cornell West!

C_Webb (#855)

I would just like to share that Cornel West has the coolest voicemail of all time. It's like reaching the answering machine on the Mothership.

keisertroll (#1,117)

Guy In Steelers Jersey Who Might Actually Be A Steeler screwed me in my fantasy league this week.

Bittersweet (#765)

It would explain why Spaethe dropped that pass…

logovisual (#3,256)

Also, I just want to say that Sherri Shepherd was the only one up there dancing the way you SHOULD dance when you're on-stage at a Prince show, i.e. WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT. John Leguizamo was probably #2. No pun intended, Leguizamo haters! Everybody else was really half-assing it. PRINCE AND SHEILA E ARE DOING "A LOVE BIZARRE," PEOPLE. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW.

Wow that hip replacement went really well.

Dave Bry (#422)

Did Prince chop down Cornell West's oak tree and make a wooden leg out of it?

(I hope so. Man, that must have been great fun.)

iantenna (#5,160)

before googling to be sure i thought sherri shepherd was sherry stringfield which would have really been a mindfuck.

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