So, the Right Hates Lauren Valle Because She's Against Big Corporations Running the Government?

Now-fired Rand Paul campaign worker Tim Proffitt wants an apology from the woman whose head he was forced to stomp yesterday. His point being, she’s a professional activist. You know, just like ACORN, or the NAACP, or “Americans for Prosperity,” or “FreedomWorks,” or Congress. Other people’s points being that Lauren Valle is an UNHINGED ATTACKER PAID ACTIVIST. (Calling her an attacker is an extreme distortion, of course, of what happened.) But it’s actually fascinating that the agitated right is now going after this woman, because her line of work is… mounting opposition to corporate fat cats. I mean, isn’t that at heart the Tea Party line? Except I guess when your Tea Party is funded by the Koch brothers. It’s all very confusing, except when it isn’t.